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Custom Stands

Custom and modular exhibition stands can be used at a variety of events, from large-scale product launches to small informative event displays. This type of solution allows you to demonstrate your brand’s personality and confidence, which will ultimately help you achieve your marketing goals.

Virtual Exhibition

Using a virtual environment, we create an Interactive and Immersive Exhibition Booth that your customers can visit from their computers or mobile devices. In an effort to bring virtual exhibitions closer to live events, they can be built in interesting formats. 2D exhibitions work wonderfully but 3D exhibitions offer a more life-like and experiential experience. In both cases, the user is provided with rich user experiences and convenience.

Custom Stands

Experiential Spaces &
Event Activation

Even though experiential marketing events and brand activation come in many forms, you won't have to worry a bit with the right team behind you! Brands can leverage activation events to attract the right audience, drive traffic to their stores, and launch new merchandise. The best brand activation events focus on a fun, memorable experience that ties into the brand.  Imarea has years of experience managing venues of different types and sizes to increase attendance at such events

Virtual Exhibition
Experiential Spaces


Imarea specializes in creating brand experiences through exhibition stands and immersive environments. We guide you through every aspect of your event stall interior or experiential communications using our expertise and sector insight. Our exhibition stands, events, retail and commercial refits, graphic displays, and hundreds of other applications combine versatility, practicality, elegance and contemporary design.

Modern Interior Design
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